Weekend Round Up

For my fellow horror aficionados, I present this contest: The Shirley Jackson Short Story Contest. It’s being hosted by Tin House. Follow the link and you can read the details there. Contest opens tomorrow, October 28th, and closes at midnight on November 17th. Check it out, maybe give it a go. I know I might. And a short story by a friend and fellow writer, who put it up for free on her blog this week: Diane Dooley, with a cute little story about an ugly dog and not-so-nice man.

My wonderful husband bought me a copy of Stephen King’s new novel, Dr. Sleep, last week. Finished it last night in a hurried rush. I was thrilled. Seems like for the past ten years or so, you never know what you’ll get with a new Stephen King novel. This one, a sequel to The Shining, is very, very much worth your time! (For other recent books of his I recommend, the biggest is Joyland. Loved the heck out of that one, too)

In other, non-writing news, my fall knitting frenzy has begun! I’ve already knitted a small hat for my 13 month old daughter. The trick there will be getting her to keep it on her tiny head. Thankfully, if it’s chilly enough, I don’t think it’s going to be a problem. The hubby already has a scarf I knitted a couple of years ago and is content with that. My older sons are getting Too Cool (and too old, I guess) to want something Mom has knit them. My youngest son, however, has asked for a new hat and scarf, so I’ll be getting on that soon. For now I’m part-way through an infinity scarf for myself. The thing will be sixty inches of stockinette and purled border by the time I’ve stitched the ends together and declared it finished. I’ve got about forty inches to go at this point, but as it’s a simple knit, it won’t take me long.

One final thing: Nanowrimo is looming. And by that I mean…well, pretty literally LOOMING. I’ve got only the vaguest idea of what I want to write, and I’m not terribly committed to it. I have a couple of nice beginnings for some short stories which are looking far more winsome at the moment. I may try to write one before the start, just so I can get it out of the way. Either way, I fully expect anything I write for Nano this year to be a complete hot mess. I’m okay with that, so long as I get the 50k words done. For me, this year it’s going to be about rebuilding atrophied writing muscles. Just getting back into the habit of sitting down and writing on the regular again is the main goal. Anything else will be gravy.

Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend, folks. Onward to the week ahead!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Oh, that’s so kind of you to link to my story. Thank you! It was based on a certain undead dog we both know. *grin*

    I recently read ‘We Have Always Lived in the Castle’ by Shirley Jackson and found her voice so gripping i had quite the time breaking it to get back to writing my own stuff. I should probably enter that contest.

    • Hahaha, that’s what I suspected. *big grin* And Shirley is awesome. I am really interested to see what the prompt will be! And yes, you should enter, absolutely! If you need a beta, you know I’d be happy to read. :)

      Also, thanks for commenting! I didn’t realize I had set it up to have to hand approve all comments before they post. Gah. Fixed now, thanks to you, lol.

  2. Good luck with NaNo! When I participated in the past, I did find that it did help get me back into the writing groove. Not just for that month, but for getting me into a regular routine.

    I smiled when you mentioned your knitting. I just picked up crocheting. The autumn seems to make me feel crafty.

    And Shirley Jackson rocks. :)

    • You do crochet? I have the needles for it, but usually just end up using them to weave in ends. Otherwise, I just end up with a long chain I can’t do anything with. To the youtubes! :D

      And yes, Shirley Jackson way rocks.

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